Can Europe Survive This Invasion? | American RenaissanceWith Orban unashamedly protecting one border, and Seehofer ready to close off Bavaria, and controls in Slovakia and Serbia, Slovenia will soon fall in line. Tsipiras in Greece will have to act decisively instead of whining about fair distribution of Arabs. In Germany, PEGIDA is becoming respectable as are the Swedish Democrats. But optimistically, it looks like the mad Merkel has actually done the nations of Europe a favour and saved them from their own suicidal liberality. She has gone so far with her genocidal brand of cultural Marxism that she has pushed Europeans, including even the supine Germans whose guilt has been exploited for 70 years, into a corner and forced them to revolt against her dictates, and the malicious misgovernance of the EU. The “optimists” might not know the difference between the historic waves of immigration, or pretend they don’t, but their pandering to genocide by stealth and miscegenation has rapidly approached a turning point. The pathetic appeals of drowned children and others holding up melancholy signs asking for help are less and less powerful motives for European self-destruction.

“Will Europe remain Europe if she is repopulated by Arabs, Muslims, Asians and Africans?”

Source: Can Europe Survive This Invasion? | American Renaissance

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