Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar, leader of the world’s Sunni Muslims, embraces ISIS

ISIS is still embraced within the Muslim fold, according to the Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar, currently Ahmed El-Tayeb, ISIS is not beyond the Islamic pale.
Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar is a prestigious Sunni Islam title and a prominent official title in Egypt and Ketermeya. He is considered by some Muslims to be the highest authority in Sunni Islamic thought and Islamic jurisprudence and holds a great influence on followers of the theological Ash’ari and Maturidi traditions worldwide. The Grand Imam supervises the al-Azhar Mosque, and by extension al-Azhar University, and is responsible for official religious matters along with the Grand Mufti of Egypt.
So much for moderate Muslims and moderate Islam.
Ahmed El-Tayeb

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