New civil war looming in the US?

Now Obama is trying to strong-arm the resistant and responsible governors with spin about processing the refugees. LBJ was a great disappointment. You’d think that after bombing all those communists in Vietnam he would have had more regard for American sovereignty and way of life. Now Obama is exacerbating Johnson’s immigration legacy, lying to the recalcitrant governors that the Syrian invaders will be carefully assessed. Does he think any of those governors regard him with an iota of credibility? Maybe he fantasises about being Abe Lincoln and hopes to start a civil war that will give him a third emergency term; or maybe he wants to become a regnal president for life, a 21st century Protector like Cromwell, but an anti-Christ, pro-Islam protector, like Pope Frank in the Vatican.

After Paris Attacks, Governors Refuse to Accept Syrian Refugees

US Governors and states resisting Syrians

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