German court gaols old woman for her opinion.

The totalitarian judges in Germany have found it necessary to label an 87 year old woman, Ursula Haverbeck, for having the temerity to voice an opinion. The judge asserts she is defending a lost cause. But if he was in a position of strength, he would hardly need to prey on an old woman who has the courage to voice a point of view that is based on intelligent skepticism and which is gaining support around the world.

It sounds like its the judge who suffers from cognitive distance when he says, “During the trial, Haverbeck challenged the court to prove that Auschwitz was a death camp, whereupon the judge accused her of being a “lost cause” who “can’t accept any facts.” He told her, “I also don’t have to prove to you that the world is round.” His analogy is an utter non sequitur. He should be sent to real gas oven for peacetime atrocities. The judge might hope to use Mrs Haverbeck’s home for anti-semitic Syrian refugees.


Ursula Haverbeck

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