Deal with Muslim acts of terror as acts of war, not crimes.

Police have to stop treating Muslim acts of war as crimes, and carrying out costly prosecutions against individuals. Declare a state of war and put all Muslims in concentration camps until they can be deported. The longer leaders of the West wait to recognise the threat from Islam, treating hostile actions as the antisocial behaviour of misguided or ‘radicalised’ individuals, the more likely they are to occur with greater frequency. The recent San Bernardino mass shooting is only the most recent of many incidents that authorities try to compound with other crimes, making claims that it is no more egregious than other mass shootings by white Christians, usually males. But such criminal massacres are never condoned by any group, and the perpetrators are condemned as lunatics or evil or both. Often the police or governments deny the crimes or antisocial behaviour of Muslims. One such incident of denial has to do with the provocative behaviour of Muslim youth which resulted in the popular demonstration of hostility at Cronulla Beach in December, 2005.

Yet large scale slaughters by Muslims are never unconditionally condemned by Muslim authorities, by their muftis, mullahs, imams or ayatollahs. There is always qualification about a lack of inclusion or insult to the religion of Islam. Yet it seems that Muslims migrate to the West with an expectation that they will not be part of the general community, at least until they can cause it to submit, and convert to Islam or pay a jizya tax. Countries throughout Central Asia and the Middle East, parts of the Balkans, and Southeast Asia are proof of conversion by the sword of Islam, whether Shi’ite or Sunni or some related dogma.

Tafsheen Malik.png

ISIS is continuing this campaign of Islamisation that Mohammad started in 622. Yet Western governments do not act to protect the electorates that appointed them. Instead, they bring in hundreds of thousands more every year, the most recent example being the wicked abuse of Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, welcoming hordes of ungrateful and often violent Syrian refugees, mostly young men, and many of them being from countries well outside the purview of ISIS.

2 thoughts on “Deal with Muslim acts of terror as acts of war, not crimes.

    1. Maybe you’d only heard of Aladdin and Jasmine but I had heard of Saladin, Suleiman, Mustafa, and quite a few other Muslims who have been waging violent jihad on the whole world for centuries. Jews and their shakedown by means of the holohoax, and their scheme detailed in the Protocols of Zion have brought instability and destruction. But Islam has proved itself quite capable of causing more harm, through its warping of European demography, its theocratic imposition of sharia law, and its willingness to use violence. It is simplistic and misguided to assert that all the disharmony and unrest can be attributed to a simple cause, Rosemary.


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