A lewd cover up

-A lewd cover-up http://gregoryswisdom.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/a-lewd-cover-up.html

In time of your when pox was rife

A doxy hid her scrofulous mound

Meretricious merkin, avoiding strife,

Hiding sores from prurient hound,

Who paid the wench half a crown.

Promiscuous Malkin donned merkin

Shamed by shaven pubis, lice shriven

Among Matildas in bathhouse looking,

Or frolicking by river washing linen.

Tucked merkin saved her from peeking.


On the stage, actors too wore the wig,

Obscuring obtrusive genitalia from view

Enabling men to wench during a gig.

Sure merkin drew giggle from the crew,

Chuckle lost when wenches went staging.

Forget not the merkin was very devout;

Holy wig redeemed from wanton bawd

Washed and combed obviated any doubt

This wig was indeed Saint Peter’s beard;

Again merry merkin gulled the crowd.

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