Just Whose Deep Anger at Core of Apex Gang Causing Havoc on Melbourne’s Streets?



The deep anger of the marauding ‘youths’, is of course of more concern to the police and politicians as well as the opportunists in the bleeding heart industry than the anger of the host population forced to accept this invasion of primitive savages who lack self-control. The Australian government media was at pains to point out that Caucasians were among the rioters; but they didn’t describe anyone as Negroid or Mongoloid-that could be insensitive. The lord mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle said “It was important to understand how youths became involved in gangs and to try to address those issues as well.” What doesn’t he understand-hordes of covetous barbaric savages, ingrained with a sense of victimhood and entitlement, have been allowed to invade Australia and given licence to run amok with impunity. Shoot them down the way they would shoot down those who oppose them in their own communities, and/or send them back whence they came.

Blacks rioting in Melbourne


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