Bad behaviour under the tyranny of political correctness

Of course, the more concessions made to misbehaving blacks the worse their misbehaviour will become. During segregation, black families survived intact, as did a high percentage of white families. There were clear guidelines then, and blacks were less likely to commit crimes like murder, rape and robbery. Now that blacks have been given the whip hand, a twit tweeting a joke has become a thought criminal on a level with a murderer, rapist or robber-in fact, he has committed the ultimate crime of expressing a racist remark. And of course all the other beneficiaries victimhood have climbed on the victim gravy train, and it has become criminal to make truthful videos about a so-called religion that sends trucks to run down hundreds of festive pedestrians on their national day in Nice and guns down Munich residents doing their shopping. But saying these murderers are typical Muslims is a crime worse than the mayhem they inflict. Control of the asylum has to be taken away from the lunatics.

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